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We've helped authors, speakers, coaches, experts, gurus, do-rus, consultants, brands, companies, organizations benefit from the power of television, radio and other media by giving them access to exclusive booking and casting notices directly from the media.

My clients have been professional athletes, CEOs, solopreneurs, speakers, car salesmen, Internet geeks, mompreneurs, pastors and aspiring television hosts who have appeared on CNBC, BET, VHI, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and other local and national networks.

"60,000 YouTube views and I blame Fran Harris for my success ."

Patrick Dougher
Business Spotlight TV Show

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  • Private Facebook Group

    You’re already checking in on Facebook so there’s no need to remember any extra login or password details. Just stop by the group to check the latest casting notices so you can submit yourself to producers. Ask our experts questions any time you want!

  • Cash Building Secrets

    Getting on TV is useless if you don’t know how to turn appearances into cash, right? Fran Harris has landed more than $50 million dollars in FREE publicity. You’ll get to ask her whatever you want about getting more media attention.

  • Checklists & Templates

    How valuable do you think email templates to producers and casting agents would be to you? Pretty damn invaluable when you consider Fran’s landed auditions or gotten booked on over 83% of all the shows she’s submitted or auditioned for!

  • You Need A Bigger Canvas

    Look, I already know you’re fabulous. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. But face it, when you get exposure in the media, you’re on a whole different playground. Plus, if you’re gonna do what you do, why not reach thousands or even millions?

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  • Unshakeable 'What If' Syndrome

    Yep, you’ll never know if you could’ve taken your brand or business to the next level through the power of television. But trust me, you’ll always wonder.

  • Window of Opportunity Shrinks

    Every year there are more people trying to get on TV, on the radio and in printed or online media. And while their product, program or service may be inferior to yours, they’re not afraid to go for it, which means you’ll be left in the dust because you failed to TAKE ACTION.

  • Your Bank Account Will Suffer

    There’s no question: nothing can have a bigger impact on your bank account and brand than media exposure. How else do you explain the meteoric rise of regular folks who, last week were waiting tables, but after a few TV appearances, are now multi-millionaires?

  • Stars Shine

    Face it, you’re a star! The sky’s wondering what’s taking you so long to get your shine on! Listen, there’s no reason you can’t be a regular on your local station or even The Today Show! The only things standing in your way today are knowledge, connections, strategy and a plan. I’m ready to equip you with all four.

High Fives & Testimonials

"Fran Harris made one phone call and within two weeks I was being interviewed for a national business magazine with 3 million subscribers." ~ Dr. David Chaney

Dr. Debra Nixon, Celebrity Life Coach & Therapist, VH1's 'Basketball Wives'
I've appeared on several national shows and networks because of my coaching with Fran. She's shown me not only how to position myself to land appearances but she's also coached me through auditions and how to conduct myself on set.

Patrick Dougher, Host of Business Spotlight TV Show

Fran's Recent Media Hits

Here's A Sample Casting Notice



We are searching MOMS WITH TWEEN OR TEENAGE KIDS in the greater Los Angeles area for an all new TV show for a major cable network!

We're looking for busy MOMS/WIVES with at least TWO TWEEN or TEENAGED kids.

*  Do you occasionally feel taken for granted by your husband and children, or undervalued?

*  Would you like to remind them what an AMAZING mom and wife you truly are?

Now is your chance to shine as the star you really are!

We're seeking opinionated and energetic moms/wives to participate in an exciting and fun update on the 'mom-flipping' genre.  Moms/wives must have a great sense of humor, and be passionate about their particular type of parenting (even if your family may undervalue you from time to time).

If chosen, another mom will spend a day looking after your family in your home. By the end of the day, your family will realize that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, giving YOU a platform to show the audience why you should NEVER BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED AGAIN.


PLUS - This project pays CASH to each household selected!


*  We're looking for moms/wives who do everything for their family, but don't always get a THANK YOU.

*  Families should have at least four (4) members (Mom, Dad, and at least two kids)

*  Candidates should be LOUD & PROUD, have a big personality and love to laugh ("shy" doesn't work here!)

*  Should be able to enthusiastically explain and defend their approach to parenting.

*  Be available to shoot this spring.

*  Must live within 30 miles of Los Angeles


Be sure to mention you heard about this from Fran Harris at InpoweredCelebrity.com for priority consideration, and email ALL the information requested below to:


Be sure to include:

1.  Your name (first and last)

2.  Contact phone number

3.  City/Zip / neighborhood where you live (must be greater Los Angeles area)

4.  Who you're married to, how many kids you have, and their ages (please list if kids are yours together or if you're blended with YOURS, HIS and OURS together)

5.  A brief description of your family and your approach to parenting

6.  Two recent photos of yourself and your family (jpg format please)

7.  Put "MOM SWITCH" in the Subject Line of your email, and be sure to mention you heard about this from Fran Harris at InpoweredCelebrity.com for priority consideration!

What People Are Saying

What Producers Are Saying About Fran & MFT

"There are people whose charisma is 10 feet in front of them. People, who when they open their mouths, they just come alive and fill up the room. You can't describe it but you know when you see it. Fran Harris is one of those talents." ~ Lauren Brady, Showrunner & Executive Producer of HGTV's "Home Rules"

"What Fran's created with Made For TV is so needed. She's a remarkable piece of talent and producer who understands what aspiring and experienced talent needs to shine before the audition process, during your discussions with producers and once you land the show. Bravo, Fran!" ~ Charlie Tuck, Producer & Filmmaker

Myron Golden sold 139,000 Books...

Co-founder of the Black Millionaires Summit garnered massive publicity and he's just getting started.

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You've got two choices. You can keep doing what you're doing and getting ignored by the media. Or you can join Inpowered Celebrity and start creating the buzz and publicity you deserve.

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      Unlimited access to private Facebook VIP Group and unlimited casting notices plus the ability to submit yourself directly to producers. ($997 monthly value)

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      TOTAL VALUE: $21,058

      365 Day Conditional No Risk, No Drama, Guarantee.

      Given the high value and access you’re receiving as a member of this private community, we do not offer money-back guarantees. One media appearance could literally change the trajectory of your business and your life. There are no contracts or long-term agreements. If you’re not happy with getting access to Hollywood casting notices or other media booking opportunities, simply cancel your membership and you’ll never be billed after the current month’s billing cycle. If you cannot live with these terms, my attorneys recommend that you not join us at this time. Thanks.


      InPowered Celebrity Intensive

      Come to beautiful Austin, Texas and spend a day and a half with me, mapping out how you can get on television, radio and in other media to discuss your book, brand, business, product, services and programs. Let me repeat myself one more time: NOTHING can skyrocket your influence, earning and sales potential, or positioning in the marketplace like MEDIA COVERAGE. It IS the game-changer.  Producers are constantly looking for new talent, amazing experts, quirky or powerful voices and their next BIG STAR. Will they find you?

      This event is included in the Rock Star Package.  If you'd like to register a la carte, your discounted tuition is $10,000 (hint: upgrade to Rock Star and get all the benefits that come with Rock Star status including this event!)

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