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  • What Is It?

    An Affiliates or Associates (a la program is a simple system where you can earn commissions by referring people to an event, program, product or service. When your friends or colleagues click your unique affiliate link for that product, a piece of software stamps it with your affiliate ID so that when those same individuals buy that product or service or sign up for a service, or register for an event, you get credit and a commission check.

  • How Much Can I Make?

    We’re currently running a single tier affiliate program with these commissions:

    • Emerging Star Package – 50% of $297
    • Rising Star Package – 50% of $997

    The following packages are open only to invited JVs and affiliates. If you have a documented and verifiable history of promoting high ticket events, programs, products and services effectively, contact us.

    • Rock Star Package – 10% of $9997
    • A-List Celebrity Package – 10% of $100,000


  • When Am I Paid?

    All commission payments are NET and made 30-45 days after successful transactions. Any refunds are deducted from future commissions. Net means after ALL merchant and processing related fees have been subtracted.

  • How Do I Sign Up?

    Just click this link and you’re good to go! Thanks.